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I'm Elena Kolevska, a software engineer with 9+ years of professional experience, currently living and working in Portugal.

In the last 3 years I led a small development team to create a full fledged CRM with an integrated call center where blazing speed is valued as highly as O2

Personal Info

  • Elena Kolevska
  • 5 July, 1984
  • elena{@}kolevska{.}com
  • blog.elenakolevska.com
  • Macedonia

Work Experiences

2013 - PRESENT

Lead Software Engineer @ SpeedToContact


Leading a small development team in building Ricochet, the most interesting product in my carrier so far. From a technical perspective we can call it a "call centre in a browser" which is a great challenge by itself. Making it flexible and configurable enough so it automatically works for a wide range of businesses and their business logic was and still is a challenge for extra geek points. Check out the website for more info.

2010 - 2013

Web Developer @ ServicePro.net


Design and development of web services. Building Web applications.

Gathering user requirements. Translating user requirements into functional requirements and system design specifications. Planning and management of testing, deploying and configuration.

Websites layout coding Rewriting front end HTML and CSS to meet validation requirements

Organic search engine optimization and strategy Wordpress customizing

Implementing ecommerce modules Coding custom payment gateways for ecommerce

2007 - 2009

Software Developer @ Anhoch


  • Software development
  • Design and development of financial/accounting software
  • Building Web applications - Shopping cart for end customers
  • Development of new modules and system maintenance
  • Implementation of business logics
  • Managing design and development team
  • Gathering and documenting user requirements
  • Translating user requirements into functional requirements and system design specifications
  • Report directly to CEO
  • Planning and management of testing, configuration management

My Education

2002 - 2007

Bachelors Engineering Degree

Bachelors Degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering @ St. Cyrilus and Methody Skopje, Macedonia

Tech stuff I like and I'm good at


Conferences I've spoken at

BG PHP Conference 2016

Redis for your boss

Use the right tool for the right job" is one of the first thing they teach you when you start out in these waters. I would make "Get to really know your tools" a second

Bulgaria Web Summit 2015

Bootstrap REST APIs with Laravel 5

Let's extract all the smart code you need every time you're starting a new API, wrap it up nicely and store it in a DRY place :) Be efficient!

The slides


Marcus Gomes's profile picture

"A professional who surprises you, in a positive way, from the beginning till the end of any web project. She understands your needs in a fast way, and, can also give you advices to improve your "web idea" towards to the success. Focused, creative and commited with the the dates to deliver the project, Elena is much more than a Web Developer, she is the "Business Web Developer" and brings your dream to a feasible business reality. You can always count on her!"

Marcus Vinicius Moura Gomes Executive Sales Manager
Rob Brucker's profile picture

"I had the pleasure of working with Elena. When she first came to the team, she was extremely motivated, and the motivation never went away. She is also very detail oriented, and has a very high level of integrity. She is also one of the best developers I've worked with. I would consider her a full stack developer, as she has mastered front end, back end, responsive, database, server and graphic technologies. I would highly recommend her for any type of web development project or project management role."

Rob Brucker Software Engineer
Goran Belovinov's profile picture

I worked with Elena on a variety of different projects and as a graphical designer I can only speak of her front-end development capabilities. She has always delivered high quality websites, with a strong accent on on-site SEO and page speed optimization. Even though she says she's a back-end developer, she will suprise you with her Javascript knowledge. She's a bit of a technology junkie, always inline with the newest tools and technologies which is great for our team as we all learn something from it.

Goran Belovinov Inbound Marketing and SEO Consultant

"Still being written :)"

Beau Bratton Founder & General Manager, SpeedToContact LLC

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  • elena{{at}}kolevska{{dot}}com